Brides Of La Mariée

Dear La Mariée Girls,

I’m attaching some photos as a belated thank you for the kindness, support and professionalism I felt at every fitting. I felt amazing in the Leiva dress. I have and will enthusiastically recommend you to every friend of mine as the best wedding store in Budapest. :-) Thanks again for everything!

- Ágnes

Dearest Girls,

Attached are some photos of the splendid dress. I shouldn't have returned the dress, I should’ve kept it. Of course I’m only joking, but it made the day wonderful and made me feel magnificent on the most beautiful day of my life. Thank you so much again!

- Eszti

Dear La Mariée Budapest Salon,

I’m attaching some photos of our wedding. The dress was gorgeous, thank you so much again!

- Mónika

Dear La Mariée,

Thank you for the marvelous dress, I loved it! The guests said it was PERFECT. And this is exactly how I felt on this beautiful and unforgettable day. I think you can tell by looking at the photos... Thank you so much again!

- Rita

Dear La Mariée,

I would like to thank you again for the attention and conscientious service, the wonderful dress that had everyone in awe, your kindness and professional attitude. I’ve received the first photos, and I’ve made a compilation of those where the dress is clearly visible. If I get better ones, I’ll be happy to send some more. Have a nice day, a nice week and a successful season.

- Mária

Dear La Mariée Salon,

Thank you for the kind and thorough service. I’m absolutely satisfied and I will recommend your store to everyone I know. Thank you for the splendid Laren dress, which was wonderful to wear and also the guests thought is was magnificent.

- Márta

Dear La Mariée Salon, Dear Girls,

Thank you again for your support and the fantastic dress that made one of the best days of our lives even more beautiful. As promised, attached are some photos, but I think even these photos don’t do justice to the real beauty and magnificence of the Francia dress... Thank you

- Lilla

Dear La Mariée Salon,

With the photos attached I’d like to thank the whole La Mariée team for their professional attitude, their natural kindness, the customer-driven approach and not least the wonderful Lanete dress :) I will surely recommend your store to all my friends. Thank you so much again!

- Éva

Dear La Mariée Girls,

I’d like to thank you again for the magnificent Leiva dress and for your help. I felt amazing in it on the first day of our life together. I’ve attached some photos.

- Vera

Dear La Mariée Salon,

Thank you for the gorgeous Dietrich dress that made the most important day of my life even more wonderful. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

- Dóra

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