How To Find Your Wedding Dress

You would like to find your dream wedding dress, but you don’t know where to start? We will help you every step of the way...

1. Do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses?

Absolutely, since if you do so, there is no waiting time and you have at least an hour for personal consultation/ trying on dresses. Our consultants, with their expertise, may help brides with finding the dress that suits them the best. Please make an appointment as early as you can, since late afternoons and Saturdays are booked weeks in advance, even though our store is one of the largest wedding stores in Hungary, with several dressing rooms.

2. How should I prepare, what should I bring when I try on dresses?

You can bring a strapless bra, as most of the dresses are strapless, but you will not need shoes since we have “platforms” we can use instead of high heels. Please don’t wear make-up, as unfortunately foundation and lipstick may stain the dresses. You will have more time for trying on gowns if you make a list of the dresses you like from the selection of our website, or you print a list from the “My Favourite Dresses” menu and bring it with you.

3. Where are these magnificent dresses from?

La Mariée Budapest is one of the largest official dealers of global Spanish brands like Jesús Peiro, and collections of Aire Barcelona, Almanovia, Pronovias and Rosa Clará. La Mariée Budapest attends shows that are presenting the new collections of these famous brands several times a year, and it is our pleasure to select next year’s most beautiful dresses for our prospective customers. We also attend team-building trainings, like the first Pronovias Exclusive Training in September 2014, where ours was the only store from Hungary among the 12 best-performing Pronovias Premium Dealers in Europe.
In our store we have some of the most popular dresses from our website in several sizes, as we intend to make these high quality and magnificent dresses available for everyone.

4. How can you rent or purchase a wedding dress?

Every dress in our store is available for rent or for purchase. In both cases, fitting and one-time cleaning is included in the price. You can ask for a first- to-wear option, which means you are the first person to wear the dream dress at your wedding. If you choose this option or buy the dress, we order it in your size and in the colour you have chosen. Please note that dresses are delivered 3-4 months after the order is placed.
Dresses from the new collections are available for booking as early as September, as our store is the only Pronovias dealer that has brought the Pronovias Pre-Collection to Hungary. We order the dresses in January and in September we can present a wide range of new dresses to our customers. However, it is advisable to book your dress in February at the latest, as weddings continuously take place from March, and the dresses are not in the store, as they are being altered/cleaned or are already booked, and there are much fewer opportunities to try them on. We recommend you to try on dresses of several styles, so that you can find the one that suits you the best. Our consultants are at your service every time and in every issue, please consider their suggestions, as they have helped hundreds of satisfied customers.

5. Should I worry if the dress is not exactly my size?

Not in the least. Don’t worry if the dress you have chosen does not fit you perfectly, as these are standard sizes and everyone has a different figure. Please trust us, we will not let you go until every little detail is exactly as you have imagined.

6. Does every dress have a train?

Yes, 99% percent of wedding dresses have trains, but we will make sure they are easy to handle. We provide dresses with trains you can hide or fix with buttons when you no longer need them. Our expert consultants show you how you can bustle the train and how insider friends can help you with everything on your wedding day. This way you can look magnificent in your dream dress without any problems.

7. How long can you rent your dress for?

Rental is for a long weekend, you can have your dress from Thursday, until Monday morning. If you need the dress for a different or a longer period, contact us and we will arrange it, if the specific dress is available.

8. How can I be sure that the dress I rent will be just as beautiful on my wedding day as it was when I booked it?

We are the only wedding store that constantly renews its stock and rents dresses only for a limited number of occasions. Our top priority is to make sure that every bride has a flawless dress on her wedding day. Many thank- you letters from brides, who were satisfied with our services show that we can live up to this.